About Baby’s Skin: Caring for your baby’s unique skin


Snuggling a newborn’s gentle, soft and squishy skin is one of the most blissful moments that new parents experience. It is such a unique feeling that it warms your body all over as you make eye contact with your one and only. It is no wonder that your little one’s chubby cheeks and squishable thighs are irresistible, but their skin requires special care and constant attention. Every newborn has a unique skin type that reacts differently with their new environment.

Baby’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult's. Its vulnerability to the atmosphere and loss of water is greater than adults as it has less natural moisturizing factors and lipids.

Newborn’s skin undergoes a continuous changing process in the initial years. Their sensitivity to sunlight and temperature only makes the daily skin care process even more challenging. Therefore, It is essential to choose skincare products that are formulated with non-chemicals. Avoid using products that involve phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde releasing preservatives.

Less is more

The axiom of caring for a newborn’s skin is “less is more.” A newborn’s skin is covered with a protective layer called vernix and natural oils when they are born. These natural oils shield their vulnerable skin from environmental impurities. In a couple of days after birth, vernix naturally peels off and this is when the skin care comes in.

Similarly, babies do not require daily baths as they don’t get dirty that much for the first few months. Quick sponge baths two or three times a week will keep your little one clean and their skin soft and natural.

Keep them away from the sun

With structural differences, baby skin is thinner than adult skin, making it more permeable and prone to dryness. It needs constant attention as it is hypersensitive towards the sun compared to adults’ skin. It is ideal to limit the sun time for your newborn between 10 am and 4 pm as the UV rays from the sun can damage their delicate skin.

Dress them in very light and loose clothing that completely covers their hands and legs with a hat that shields their neck and ears to protect them from the sun as much as possible. When strolling in the streets, don’t forget to use the shade of the baby trolley to keep the sun rays away.

A perfect bath


Giving regular baths to your newborn after the first few months is important to keep them clean and fresh. A quick bath with warm water and baby wash can make your little one go from grunts to giggles in just a few minutes. However, it is essential to use a product suitable for your little angel.

AVEENO® offers a wide range of products to pamper a baby’s growing skincare needs. With a balanced combination of love, nature, and science, AVEENO® ensures that you care for your little one’s delicate skin with comfort every day.

Our products are free of paraben, phthalate & are pH balanced to be gentle enough for a baby's delicate skin and are clinically tested.

AVEENO® categorizes our products into three individual skin types from normal to dry skin, very dry to itchy skin, and eczema-prone skin to give every baby what their skin needs.

With a hypoallergenic, tear, and soap-free formula along with natural oats extracts that strengthen the skin’s barrier, AVEENO® Baby Daily Moisture Wash & Shampoo is perfect for normal to dry sensitive skin. This belongs to the Daily Moisture product range of baby wash and shampoos that provides gentle cleansing and nourishment for the body and hair.

AVEENO® Baby Calming Comfort Bath offers a combination of calm and comfortable body wash that provides gentle comfort when blended with warm water. It is ideal for normal to dry skin with its natural oat extract, lavender & vanilla. Whereas the AVEENO® Baby Soothing Relief Foaming Wash and Shampoo is recommended by pediatricians for dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. Use it with theAVEENO® Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream to keep the skin moisturized for 24 hours.

If your baby has eczema-prone skin, the AVEENO® Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Wash is to opt for. Formulated with oat flour, oat extract, ceramide and panthenol, it gently cleanses the skin and avoids extra-dryness.

Moisturizers and massages


To keep your newborn's skin fresh, smooth, and protected from dryness, it is necessary to moisturize them every day. Moisturizers combined with a calming and gentle massage help soothe your newborn’s skin and boost immunity.

Massages reduce cortisol, ​​the primary stress hormone in the body. When the cortisol level decreases, this leads to the increase of natural killer cell activity. Natural killer cells ward off bacteria and viruses. This chain of reaction naturally boosts the immune system and helps keep illnesses at bay.

AVEENO® offers a broad collection of baby moisturizers for different skin types with paraben-free ingredients. AVEENO® Baby Daily Moisture Lotion contains a colloidal oatmeal-based formula that is ideally designed for dry and sensitive skin. It keeps your toddler’s skin soft and healthy and leaves a soothing impression. You can use it daily.

If your baby has very dry to itchy skin, try the AVEENO® Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream. It soothes the skin with its triple oat, colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients ingredients. The hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free formula is clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours.

AVEENO® also offers a Dermexa range for eczema-prone skin types. These products are dermatologically tested to keep your baby’s skin safe and protected. The AVEENO® Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Cream contains a clinically proven hypoallergenic formula that helps protect and strengthen skin’s barrier function and help prevent recurring dryness.

Non-bio detergents

Every new parent loves to dress their newborn in new small and cute overalls every day, but this also means a huge stack of baby clothes in the laundry basket. When washing baby clothes, including their beddings and washcloths, always go for non-bio detergents.

Contrary to biological detergents that contain enzymes such as lipase and protease, non-bio detergents are free of these enzymes which make it easier to break down the dirt. Biological detergents are excellent for stain removal but they can be harsh on naturally more sensitive skin. They are common allergens and could trigger reactions in babies with sensitive skin types.

Therefore, wash your newborn’s clothes and beddings separately with non-bio washing detergent to keep your little one away from irritated skin.

Wrap Up

Babies are prone to numerous skin conditions in the first few years, but with lots of love and constant care, you can keep their soft and delicate skin healthy. Keep them clean, hydrated, and moisturized to hear that precious giggle every day.