1. What is skin microbiome?
  2. The skin microbiome is your skin’s living natural defense system. It is made up of a diverse community of microorganisms, including bacteria, beneficial and harmful, coexisting at the skin surface. There are 1 billion bacteria inhabiting a typical square centimetre of skin.

    Every individual’s microbiome is completely different from anyone else’s, and these differences start at birth. Your unique network of microbiota is determined by your DNA, diet and exposure to different environments.

  3. Why is skin microbiome important?
  4. Your skin microbiome is designed to protect you from unwanted irritants and invaders that can cause a variety of skin issues. A balanced skin microbiome leads to natural healthy-looking skin.

    An imbalance of your skin microbiome can cause skin barrier disruption, making skin vulnerable to irritants and allergens which leads to dry skin and other skin issues like itchiness and irritated skin.

    Excessive use of antimicrobial hand sanitizers and harsh soaps may disrupt the delicate balance present in the skin microbial ecosystem. It prevents the microbes on the skin from interacting and functioning normally, contributing to an unbalanced skin microbiome. This causes the skin to become more vulnerable.

  5. How do I maintain a healthy skin microbiome?
  6. An easy step is a daily moisturizer with scientifically proven efficacy. Aveeno® Skin Relief with Prebiotic Triple Oats rebalances skin microbiome and helps improve skin resilience by strengthening skin moisture barrier and provides lasting relief from dryness and itchiness in just 1 day*. Aveeno® has been researching the power and efficacy of oat for over 70 years. Recently, we have discovered that Aveeno® Colloidal Oat acts as a skin prebiotic that supports skin’s natural ecosystem for a healthier microbiome.

    Prebiotics are food for the good bacteria on skin. They help to create a healthy environment for the skin microbiome. There are prebiotic skincare products available in the markets, but it is important to use a good moisturizer with the right prebiotics ingredients to maintain a healthy skin microbiome.

  7. Can our skin microbiome be improved? How?
    • It can be improved with the use of skincare that is soap-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, gentle enough for everyday use without stripping but retaining and improving our skin’s natural moisture
    • When given adequate care, the microbiome can help to support skin health. A healthy skin microbiome keeps the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, it forms a natural shield against external aggressors.
  8. What should we look out for in moisturizers?
    • Light texture, non-occlusive moisturizers that can maintain moisturization and improve skin barrier function for healthy-looking skin
    • Ability to help prevent moisture loss, keep your skin moisturized to prevent recurring dryness and itchiness
  9. How often should we apply moisturizer?
  10. The recommended application is after your regular shower/bath routine, twice daily.

  11. How is the Aveeno® Skin Relief Range different from the other Aveeno® products?
  12. The Aveeno® Skin Relief range is recommended for sensitive skin. The fragrance-free formula gently cleanses and moisturizes to help soothe itchy, dry skin.

    Formulated with Aveeno Active Naturals® Triple Oat, Aveeno® Skin Relief rebalances your microbiome to a healthier state and helps improve skin resilience by strengthening skin moisture barrier. It provides lasting relief from dryness and itchiness in just 1 day*.

  13. What are your safety standards?
  14. Our internal standards for safety testing and ingredient quality far exceed those set by regulators around the world. Our products are not animal tested, with the rare exception when it is required by law. We assess every element we use in each of our products – where it came from, what it does and how it impacts you and your skin.

    Only ingredients that pass our strict 5-step safety assurance process are used. We have tested more than 100,000 different natural elements over the years to ensure that our ingredients are safe enough, and beneficial for skin health

  15. Is Aveeno® sustainable?
  16. Our natural ingredients are cultivated in ideal conditions. They are made from specially selected food grade, high protein, non-GMO sources and are harvested from the fields of Canada, North America, the United Kingdom and France. The cool, dry climate and well-irrigated soil provide the optimal environment for cultivation and to achieve the highest quality. Our processes are natural and eco-friendly without the use of chemical solvents.

  17. What natural ingredients are in the Aveeno® Skin care products?
  18. A: Our skin care products include oat. We cultivate our natural ingredients in ideal conditions, then harvest them in an eco-friendly way.

    Our activation process retains the goodness of nature without excess heat or unnecessary chemical solvents. It maintains the purity and integrity of Oat’s active components.

    Finally, they are formulated through a dedicated and stringent process, scientifically proven to harness the power of the oat to deliver real skin benefits for strong, visibly healthier skin.

  19. Do Aveeno® products expire?
  20. A: Expiration and shelf life are dependent on the ingredients within each product. For additional questions/concerns, feel free to contact us at 800-601-1460 (Toll free) or send us a message (link to https://www.aveeno.com.sg/contact-us).

  21. Are Aveeno® products tested on animals?
  22. Aveeno® does not conduct animal testing of our cosmetic products anywhere in the world, except in the rare situation where governments or laws require it. At Aveeno®, we won't compromise on the quality or safety of our products or stop seeking alternatives to animal testing.