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What Makes Baby Skin Special

The skin of a baby has a key role in maintaining your baby's health and protecting him/her from external stimuli. Skin can also help to moderate baby's temperature and is also a crucial tool for baby to sense and feel the world around him/her.

Baby skin is different from adult's. It looks perfectly soft yet it is very fragile at the same time. Thus baby's skin needs to be handled with extra care and protection. Comparing with adult skin:

  • Baby skin is only one-third of adult skin's thickness, thus it's particularly sensitive and easily irritated.
  • The epidermis of baby skin contains less black pigments meaning the ability to defend against UV light is weaker.
  • Baby skin is relatively thinner and lack elasticity.
  • Baby skin has a natural protective layer to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Baby skin has denser distribution of sweat glands which dehydrates skin more easily; also baby’s blood circulation system is still in development, thus baby skin can get heat rashes easier.